|||| Gavin's retired from guiding at the moment and probably out steelhead fishing at this very second, so why not help ensure he'll be fishing over fish by checking out a very cool, very forward-thinking organization?

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GAVIN BUSH: Gavin and I grew up fishing the North Platte in Casper, WY. He started guiding the Grey Reef at age 17, a pup then but already super fishy. Gavin attended school at Montana State and majored in the Yellowstone, the Madison, the Gallatin, and Biology, where he split time guiding/fishing between the Big Sky and Cowboy States for about seven years. Bush's DAD was developed on the Yellowstone. This fly is a great crawdad imitation on its own, but it can also be fished under a big dry. Fished to the bank for big browns this rig is deadly. After college G discovered his true passion: steelhead. He moved to Oregon and even got a "real job" (well, as real a job as you can get and still fish four days a week). Gavin's bugs are innovative, versatile and all were "researched and developed" in the waters of the west. Gavin is also an Aries who likes long walks on the beach and bubble baths.

—Ryan Anderson
Wyoming Fly Fishing


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