|||| Joe schools the young bucks on the Dillion, Montana-area rivers and keeps them honest, he's a pleasure to fish with, rolls a sweet moustache and can be contacted by via Frontier Anglers.

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JOE AANES: I call him Mo-Joe, not only because he's a great fly innovator, but a world-class angler, conservationist and top-shelf guide. I've have had the pleasure (and sometimes the pain) of guiding the same waters as the Mo-Joe for many years and his considerate, ethical river style makes him a great to share the water with. Always casual, Joe makes it look easy. One shouldn't let this laid back approach fool you. He frequently pulls fish from a deep bag of tricks while the rest of us are scratching our heads. The sting of those ass whuppins never lasts long though, because right after he releases his client's third double, he'll turn and tell you know what's working. Joe's good like that and whether it's his completely original hopper and stones, double-deadly caddis pupae and midges, or his exemplary sportsmanship, we all benefit from having Joe as one of the leaders in our sport.

—Jeremy Garrett
Idylwilde Signature Tier and Guide


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