|||| Wanna fish with Jeff? Be a good idea He lives right on the Clackamas River and guides out of a jet boat. Visit his site Fish The Swing, or drop him a note.

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JEFF HICKMAN: So, this is the part where I'm supposed to say Jeff grew up on Oregon's Mt. Hood and fished his way through school before ending up as a five-season guide on Alaska West's legendary Kanektok River, camp host at Andros South, then back in Oregon guiding winter steelhead on the North Coast and summer runs on the Deschutes. But to me, what matters is how damn fishy all those places made the guy. I see it in the way he fishes the fly and how his patterns reflect necessity. For instance, Hickman's Mr. Hanky Mouse was designed stinger-style to pin mammal-eating AK bows in the upper lip, significantly reducing mortality. His Fish Taco casts easy, moves well in light winter inside flows and won't spook fish in low water. The guy's clearly paid his dues. The patterns are proof, though I'd never say any of this to his face.

—Jason Koertge


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