BFD - Gray
Emergers/Cripples | Mayfly


BFD - Gray





Lively's BFD - "Baetis for Dummies" - This fly came about during the late summer months on the Roaring Fork River when baetis were hatching but things were getting technical. Standard RS2's were doing the trick, but everyone else was using them. So, in paying homage to Rim Chung's original RS2, I decided to give this fly a modern update.

This fly solves several issues:

  1. One big disadvantage of all other RS2 style flies is that they are tied on fine wire hooks, which bend and break on our mean spirited freestone fish, especially when fished from your drift boat. This fly tied on a 2x heavy wire hook which will handle large fish in strong current, no break / no bend.

  2. I've modified the hook to incorporate a straight eye versus the standard down eye. A down eye does not give this fly the correct proportion.

  3. The body and head have a light layer of clear glue to add to the flies durability.

  4. The split flouro-fiber tail and buggy dubbed head give this fly an amazing profile that reverses the lock jaw effect.

  5. Between the tail and pearl glass bead, there is just a slight amount of flash that works on bright sunny days as well as overcast.

I recommend nymphing this pattern on 5x Seaguar fluorocarbon before and during an active baetis hatch. Add weight according to the depth and current speed. Believe it or not, the purple BFD can actually out perform the grey and the olive. I'm telling you to fish and believe in purple. Set downstream, bend the rod, smile.

**NOTE - this fly is tied on a 1X short hook shank. Though the sizes are called out as a 16 and 18, the true fly sizing is 18 and 20.