Price's Pacifier - Golden
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Price's Pacifier - Golden





My thought process on the Pacifier was to develop a Stonefly nymph without a bead that had good weight to it, and got down quickly. By using a lead body and materials that had great sinking qualities, and provided little resistance in the water, I was able to create a thin realistic profile, and a nymph that sank quickly despite not having a bead attached to it. The problem I saw in other patterns and my own fly box, was that most non-beaded Stonefly nymphs were slow sinking, and I knew something without a bead that got down quickly, would serve a purpose, and fill a nitch in my arsenal. Guiding the deep pocket water of The North Fork of the Feather River, was my initial testing ground, as my clients needed a get down on the dance floor Nymph to penetrate the rivers fast pocket water. I also believe that educated fish become tuned in on beads, and present situations that require a non beaded nymph to get a take. After multiple water tests, I found that the Pacifier dropped in a three foot aquarium, sank faster than regular beaded Stonefly nymphs of the same, and even larger sizes. In addition, the short curved hook allowed me to get a lifelike bent appearance. For years, fly fisherman have been bending their hooks to achieve this on their Stonefly nymphs, I wanted to be able to imitate this without taking a chance of breaking my hook. The combination of the materials involved also gave me a durable pattern that was able to take a large amount of abuse.

This is a very effective pattern in fast water situations, which are usually the norm with spring run off, the time of year when Stoneflies are most prevalent.