Marts' RL Pseudo Shrimp


Marts' RL Pseudo Shrimp





I like to cast it fairly close to the fish then immediately give it a couple of strips to get their attention and to take the slack out of the line, then let it fall and let the bone come for it. If coaxing is needed, I will try short strips (almost hopping) with a very (VERY) slow crawl in between and even stopping it every so often. I think it does a fair job of simulating either a shrimp or a crab.

Of course, if this doesn't work, be inventive. Sometimes while fishing saltwater or after carp in shallow waters, I will strip with short strokes fairly fast to get the fish coming after it. Then I will stop a strip in mid stroke, pause for a second, then tighten up on it. Nine times out of ten, if the fish was after it, it is on when I tighten (and set the hook). This is fun because the fish is so excited that all it can think about is catching and gobbling up this food that is trying desperately to get away. I enjoy the hell out of watching this.