Hickman's Flesh Eating Sculpin - Black


Hickman's Flesh Eating Sculpin - Black





Sculpins are strange bottom-dwelling baitfish and a trout's best friend. It is commonly known among fisherman that trout love to eat sculpins. But a sculpin's diet is not so commonly known. Sculpins are underwater scavengers and they love to eat flesh. I have seen on many occasions sculpins gorging on the carcasses of larger fish as well as smaller chunks of flesh. Often times they bite off more than they can chew, turning them into off-balanced and helpless, well-rounded meals for hungry trout. Whenever a sculpin's eyes are bigger than it's stomach, it becomes particularly vulnerable and attractive to predators. It seems that heart disease is not the number one killer of glutinous sculpins. With this in mind I created the Flesh-Eating Sculpin fly and immediately my fishing success drastically improved. A sculpin fly with a mouthful of flesh is irresistible to predatory fish, they just cant pass up the two-for-one meal. The flesh-eating sculpin is perfect for people desiring an easy-to-cast fly. It can easily be cast with a 5 or 6wt rod. The fly maintains a large profile in the water without containing bulky materials which would only absorb water and make casting a chore. The life-like natural materials give it great seductive action in the water. It has just the right amount of flash for a realistic appearance without taking away from the natural look. This fly is fished best under tension, both on the swing and on the strip. The most effective casts are made quartered down stream and across the current. The fly works great for luring trout out of their hiding places, like root wads and other structures. I enjoy fishing the fly shallow right over the tops of snags, where any dead drifted flesh flies would be sure to get hung up and lost. Though designed for Alaskan rainbow trout, the pattern is incredibly versatile for many different fish species in rivers and lakes all over the world. It can be tied in other colors and sizes to suit different environments. The fly can be found commercially in the three most popular colors: Olive, Brown and Black. Check at your local fly shop or at any distributor of Idylwilde Flies (www.Idylwilde.com). The color and size featured is my personal favorite for most fishing situations. Jeff Hickman spends his Summers guiding at Alaska West (www.Deneki.com) on the Kanektok river in southwestern Alaska. The rest of the year is devoted to guiding steelhead fly fishing trips in northwestern Oregon and fishing at various international destinations. He is a contract signature fly tier for Idylwilde Flies in Portland, OR. He can be reached by email at JHickmanPhoto@hotmail.com.