AC Caddis - Olive
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AC Caddis - Olive





Wilcox's AC Caddis: The AC Caddis was a culmination of work that was inspired by my Low Rider Mayflies. The Anything Caddis is named for its ability to truly cover any caddis species, and stages within the hatch. When the fly is riding on the surface the shuck hangs in the water, imitating an emerging caddis as well as a female returning to lay her eggs, in my experience most fish will key in on a less mobile food source given the choice. I'll also use these during a variety of Baetis emergences by simply removing the antennae as I also do when fishing heavier water. The antennae however can be the triggering factor when fishing lakes, ponds or still water flats in the river and is it is the reason they were added to the pattern. Since there is a wide assortment of caddis species in most rout rivers I designed them in to cover shades of olive, dun and brown and they are offered in size 14 to 18 to allow you to have one pattern for all your caddis needs. Dry Dropper: Try fishing a T.N.T. tied off the bend of the hook with eighteen to twenty four inches of the lightest tippet you can get away with during an emergence or when the females have returned to the river while ovipositing. Fish are keenly aware that the opportunity to feed on these rising insects will be lost if they don't act quickly so while fishing them on the swing the strikes are often violent so be sure to pay attention and lift the rod slowly at the end of the drift.