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Quigley's Split Flag - PMD





Born out of the Hackle Stacker and Sparkle Stacker, Bob Quigley's Flag Duns are the next best thing to hit spring creek fishing since polarized sunglasses. The Flag Duns use the 'stacker' style wing to float the bugs and insure light delicate presentations without spooking wary fish.

The Flag Dun series is constructed with a thread body to create an even slimmer profile than the Hackle Stacker series and better mimic the natural mayfly. The addition of the flag on the front of the fly gives a wing like silhouette to the fish while providing extra visibility to the angler.

For instance, the Sparkle Stacker Flag Dun — Black has made fishing Trico's a pleasure for even the most inexperienced angler. The orange 'flag' is like a beacon floating through blankets of naturals letting the angler know when the fish has taken the fly and its time to set the hook.

Advantages of Design

1. The Flag gives the angler added visibility while fishing size 18, 20 and 22 flies. The hackle fibers spread over the top catch and reflect light already making the fly easy to see.

2. A very slim body mimics the natural mayfly allowing the fly to fool extremely picky fish.

3. The Flag gives the fly a mayfly wing silhouette

4. The Hackle is on top of the fly letting the body sits in the film closely mimicking the natural mayfly.

5. Using a minimal amount of material in the fly and the spread out 'stacked' hackle allows the fly to be land lightly which in turn lets anglers effectively fish this family of flies to pickiest trout without spooking them when the fly lands.

6. The Hackle Stacker design is a very durable fly in a category where many of the flies are quite delicate in construction. This is important during short hatch periods or fading light, when fly changes cost you lost opportunities.

7. The stiff dry fly hackles are easy to dry out with a couple of false casts to keep you fishing rather than changing flies or using desiccants to dry out your fly.

When & Where

The Flag Duns were originally designed to catch picky fish in spring creek conditions. The beauty of the Flag Duns is its versatility. This series of flies will fish just as well in free-stone rivers, tail waters and lakes.

The angler needs every advantage he/she can get. Stocking your box or bins with this fly will give any angler an edge.